I help people who aren’t comfortable with Social Media join the conversation in a way that feels and sounds like them.

I have no doubt you're a strategic, successful professional who's committed to market, client, and personal growth.

You're an expert in your field. You have a robust, active network of clients. You have complex, and sought-after insights. You know that digital tactics are the way of the future. It feels like all these new marketing strategies are way beyond your tech level, but the need isn't going away. You know which competitors actually get all the "social" stuff (and can see how it leverages their networks), if only someone would just explain the damn thing then you'd put it into your 5-year-plan as well. Not to mention how great it'd be to hear "I really apprecated reading your perspective last week on LinkedIn. That hadn't occured to me," from a respected colleague.

I hear you.

There's a good reason you feel frustrated and confused - there are virtually no trainings around how to know where to start with the internet, aside from your kid's advice of "you should do a TEDTalk?" In-house webinars are dull and barely scratch the surface, and they certainly don't cover how to make the Internet work for your career in a way that's helpful and stress-free. There's certainly no how-to manual for how to appear online as an expert, the way you do face-to-face with your clients. It's the corporate equivalent of throwing a book down in front of a toddler and expecting the child to read.

I am here to help you.

Here's what working with me on your personal digital strategy will bring you:

  • Confidence in your Online Presence and Social Media

  • A stress-free content creation and implementation system

  • Translating your leadership strengths from face-to-face to include a Digital community

Isn't Social Media just a lot of yelling now?

Not exactly, but I understand that mindset. There's a lot going on with the Internet right now, particularly regarding privacy, ethics, community building, and safety. It's a pretty overwhelming time to get started on your own, and it can feel like the whole thing is a minefield.

Social Media isn't solely a hangout for Millennials and Gen-Z to send vague photos of stock image eggs. It's the world's next economy plus communication powerhouse. The world's top CEO's, Presidents, and Directors all understand how a digital presence is more important now than ever.

Here are just a few of the core questions I'll address as we work together:

  • What are Hashtags, and how do I leverage them?
  • How do I know what's safe to share online, and what's not?
  • How can Social Media help me network in a way that feels like me?
  • How do I create content that's meaningful, professionally relevant, and also connects me to my people?
  • How can anyone keep up when it seems like there's a new channel every day?

How does a Personal Digital Strategy Work?

A Social Media presence is a powerful and flexible tool, and to make the most of it, you need a strategy. The clients I work with are interested in the digital world, but are unclear about how to present themselves online in a way that feels natural to them, connects to the people they want to talk to, and doesn't take over their personality or "free time".
Together, we remove that knowledge gap.

At its heart, a Personal Digital Strategy consists of 3 parts:

An in-depth look into your life and goals

Strategies aren't one-size-fits-all, so it's critical to first understand who you are and what you're about. We're taking a look into your personality, lifestyle, how you communicate, and which of your life + career goals your social media presence will influence.

You already know Discovery is the basis of sustainable, profitable growth. For us, Discovery will be a few phone calls and worksheets. From these insights, we'll craft a social media foundation based on your expertise and aspirations.

A Custom Strategy

Based on our Discovery calls, I'll put together a Strategy package specifically built for you. This is an analysis of all the specifics covered in our Discovery calls, woven in with my expertise. This package will cover:

  • Your Personal Communication Style, and how to craft content in a way that fits your life.
  • Overview of your Target Audience, including where they are online and how to reach them.
  • Your major content pillars, so there's never any guessing or fluff on what to post next.
  • Recommendations for which of the "Big Four" social media channels will be your Home Base.

We'll walk through this package in another call, and go over exactly how this will serve as your road map for getting online successfully.

Implementation Plan

Now to put it into action. Taking into consideration your personal habit-building styles, the implementation plan will consist of three phases.

  1. Core Channel Work
  2. Content Voice Development
  3. Audience Engagement

All of this is done through regular emails and one-on-one sessions. In addition to your specific channel development, I'll also be teaching you what you need to know about the structures social media is built upon, digital communication tactics, community building, and online + offline lifestyle alignment.

After a few months, you will have created an impactful social media presence, you'll be comfortable running it in a way that works for your life, and most importantly you'll be translating your expertise into interesting and insightful content as a community thought leader.

Hey y'all, I'm Mandy.

I'm a passionate idealist who wants to shift how the world relates to themselves, through the Internet. I gravitate toward positions where I'm the "digital native", and I have a talent for explaining complex technology in a clear and concise way. I first started off with personal digital strategy consulting in a partnership with Bronwyn Bowery-Ireland, as part of her executive coaching offer. My working experience includes both Corporate and Creative international cultures; I thrive on melding ideas, strategy, and people. Ist dir lieber Deutsch? Kein problem!

Mandy sitting in a field of daffodils
I'm thinking about a chocolate milkshake.

How can we work together?

Content Calendar Course

Take my online course to create a stress-free, monthly content calendar that fits with your social media channels and personal posting style.
Coming Soon!

Personal Digital Strategy

Work with me personally as I develop a Social Media strategy targeted to your specific career goals and lifestyle. I guide you through the implementation, teaching you to understand the internet and how to make it work for you.

Group Workshops

Hire me to train your network in topics ranging from "Essential Social Media for C-Suites" to "Building a Personal Brand in your Corporate World". Let's have a call to work out the details of your next workshop.

Still not sure if I can help you?

If you're concerned about getting started with Instagram because it means you have to slog away at a stream of inane food pics, or it seems that the only way forward online is to become a wailing political Twitter banshee, no worries! I'll only make those recommendations if it fits your communication style.

Think of it this way: in all other aspects of your life, you probably have a plan to keep track of what's going on. Why not create one for getting yourself online? Not just that, you know your clients are googling you, and expect to see a credible person. If you're not "there" in their search, or even worse your LinkedIn profile is 5 years old (and showing your practice in a whole different State), that's an authenticity gap.

I'm committed to helping you feel secure and empowered by having an online presence, by learning how to navigate the systems they're built upon. To me social media is a knowledge-sharing tool; essentially the world's most advanced textbook. When you understand the "language" it's written in, you can not only use it any way that feels right for you, but also write your own chapters.